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Kobi Baron

Due to my special hardware configuration and demands, it turned out that my case wasn’t an easy, straight forward one. Your support team was very fast to respond to any issue that came up, and managed to solve all the issues that we faced, showing high professionalism and utmost devotion.

At more than one time, along the process, you went an extra mile to sort things out. I’m very satisfied with the end result having my trading system running on a remote server and controlled by Triage. The whole set up works great, with Triage giving me the control I need.

–  Kobi Baron,   Trader, Israel.

Marcelo Schuchner

I am having lost of connection problems with my automated trading. I need to receive SMS messages in order to manually go to server to handle the connection problem. Note I live in Argentina and the server now is in USA.

I started Triage products – Triage Connection and Triage Messaging, and it solved my problems. For me it is a very powerful tool of information to know what my strategies are doing.

I am very happy with the good support Triage is giving to me and your staff really makes me feel very supportive.

I would recommend Triage products, services and supports to others.

– Marcelo Schuchner,   Trader, Argentina.

Calum Florence

For my trading, I need to be informed once a signal is triggered in TradeStation, but doing it by TradeStation email is slow. The SMS function of Triage Messaging solves this delay problem. Triage Messaging is very helpful to my automated trading.

The Triage support service is excellent, too – your support team answered my emails even at the weekend. In general, Triage services and client support are better than other companies. I would definitely recommend Triage.

– Calum Florence,   Trader, UK.

Alex Higgins

You all are fantastic with the support… I don’t trade without having your connection and ping indicators running. Feels like trading naked without them!
– Alex Higgins,   Trader, UK.

Brian Heyliger

Thanks for all the help, and the really innovative products! Your products have help me get my hedge fund going!
– Brian Heyliger,   Trader, USA.

Jan Zeman

Great experence with your company. Server company give me problems. Sky helped me with problems. You did not need. You did. I run all Triage software. I am glad found you. One thing I feedback you is before I sign up you did not help with my problems. I understand this. But when I signed up you help so much. Thank you much. I recommend you strong.
– Jan Zeman,   Trader, Czech Republic.

Lewis Collins

Great work guys overall. Tradewatch is useful for my trading. I still have some problems with your rainmaker new soft though. Know its really advance stuff and you guys are working on it. Still glad you released it early. I signed up for your mail list but didn’t get email yet. Can you look into that?
– Lewis Collins,   Trader, USA.

Harry Miller

Merry Christmas Triage! Appreciate all the help in setting up our trade server and monitoring. Thanks also for the extra help when we had probs.
– Harry Miller,   Trader, USA.

Michael Hale

The range of services they offer is amazing, and each one of these services has a very important role in the success of any Automated trading. The company as a whole is very proactive – with continuously improving and adding to their products.

Their Customer Service is outstanding – they have always acted quickly to help with any questions or problems and they are always willing to improve their services based on Customers feedback : ) They have always been happy to discuss and address our needs.

– Michael Hale,   Trader, New Zealand.